I have spent many hours in Dr. Spigner’s chair over the last 20 years and each visit has been a pleasant experience. Dr. Spigner and his entire staff are caring wonderful people. Last week I went for a cleaning. I was so comfortable that when we were all done I wanted to stay and continue relaxing. I do look forward to my visits. I have a full set upper and lower veneers that consisted of over 20 hours of major dental work. Dr. Spigner tried to talk me out of the veneers after bleaching, but I insisted on moving forward. Dr. Spigner is an artist and he is the only person I would trust to do this work. I get compliments all the time- you can see in my picture of how happy I am with results. Bruce Spigner and his staff are like my extended family and I cannot recommend them enough.

Mitch Mouallem

General Office

Dr. Spigner’s office is very friendly and efficient.My appointments are always handled on time. I love the reminders of upcoming events appointments. Dr. Spigner is a knowledgeable, honest, thoughtful, and caring dentist using up to date and procedures. I highly recommend Dr. Bruce Spigner

Naika Smith

Every staff member is pleasant, friendly, and genuinely invested in providing excellent care.

Barbara Haber

All of you make my appointments pleasant! Thanks. Desiree.

Desiree Van Egmond

Dr. Spigner, you are the best so is your staff!! Tina, Martya…all of you are talented…Thank you for your excellent work.

Teharah Morgan

The atmosphere, facility, and staff are kind, caring and professional. I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else for my dental care.

Sharon Jones

Exceptional professionals and incredible human beings!

John Bargas

Always the best service and very professional and caring.

Scott Schwulst

Very impressive. This was my first visit, but definitely not my last.

Judy Greene

Dr. Spigner, You are the most fantastic doctor I’ve truly ever had. The pristine conditions of your practice, the care you take…and your knowledge. I have not been in the last year for lack of insurance and funds, but your call referring me to an old school buddy (Go Trojans! And looks like Dr. Hall has rave reviews as well) and calling personally goes above and beyond. I moved to San Francisco to work at a TV station out here but you and your staff will be sorely missed. I will let you know how things go with Kevin Hall- he may be good as you say but I’m sure he doesn’t compare to you! Thank you so much Jennifer Rumple- Hi to Staff.

Jen Rumple

Dr. Spigner always makes me feel as comfortable as possible. As someone who struggles with anxiety, he is so accommodating to my needs and makes my dental experience a positive one.

Letitia Labrecque


Outstanding hygienist! It was a great visit!

Proctor Houston

Tina always makes me feel comfortable and at ease. She is never judgemental but always encourages good teeth cleaning habits. She is funny, friendly, and professional.

Letitia Labrecque

As always, Tina was terrific. I was in and out in good order.

Steven Seiler

Tina does a very thorough job with the cleanings and she was so kind to make sure my jaw would not hurt when we were done since I am dealing with TMJ. I love seeing her and she makes my visit fun and easy every time.

Robin Bramman

I have had nothing but great experiences during my routine visits.

Patrick Cannon

The first time I went to the dentist, I wasn’t excited, I was scared. Dr. Spigner and his staff are great, I am not afraid of the dentist and look forward to every 6 months when I get my teeth cleaned.

Shelby Shaffer

I loved my cleaning experience today with Tina, as always, But best of all I LOVED the LEMON FLAVORED WATER!!It was REMARKABLE!!!. Dr. Spigner should keep the person who made it around forever!:)

Charles Farnsworth

Special Needs

I am so happy that we found Dr. Spigner! My daughter Sarah, has a disability and through persistence and a workable plan, she has been able to have her dental work done in an efficient and peaceful manner. Her dental experience is no longer filled with anxiety, and she actually even “likes” the dental staff. She has a very social personality. We were laughing about how they have to put this clamp in your mouth. She loves her nice white smile!! It took four years to find a staff that had the confidence to go past resistance. Dental health is necessary!!!

Sarah Stevenson

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